The office was created by Birgir Jˇhannsson architect in 1999 and is now based both in Brussels and in Reykjavik. 

Our field is very large in the project size way witch goes from urban-planning to furniture event though our largest demand is in housing. Quality wise we essentially work on very difficult projects that ask for a lot of creativity.

The projects are in general designed from a global concept, which is generated by the need of the client, the organisation, outside influence, the environment, orientation, natural light and materials. The character of every space should reflect its use and represent its owner as well as being as polyvalent as possible and open for new users and destination.

The style is manly contemporary  and integrated into the surroundings by the form, the use of materials, the transparency or on the other hand translated in a voluntary opposition. We like to use natural materials and environmentally friendly and let them develop though the years in conserving their character and nobility.

When we work in historical places there is always a historical study with a deep reflection about the parts to keep and valorise as well of those who should leave place to new ideas.

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