The Project is to design a flexible and environmentally friendly trail that minimize points of contact

with the ground and therefore shields the sensitive area beneath and around it.The approach can be applied and adapted to different circumstances and needs in Nature.The design is unique, since it can be applied over lava, by hot springs and swamp, without damaging the substrate.

The project was funded by TŠkni■rˇunarsjˇ­i for two years, 2017 and 2018. The prototype has been successfully designed, produced and installed at a natural site in Hveradalur.

The location was specifically selected to show that the project is suitable for the most difficult sites. It has been seen that the trail can be installed on the lava, on a geothermal site and marshy ground without damaging the soil.

The project now is to design, produce and install lighting, heating system for frost protection as well as new modules such as viewing and resting platforms for the trail.




Natural reserves