Creative profile   Birgir Jˇhannsson has his architectural office in Brussels. After working in his city of birth, Reykjavik, and in France, he relocated to Belgium where he is now working on private architectural projects and at the same time developing his own wood furniture collection. At the latest Venice Art Biennale he was chosen to design the interior architecture and the fašade for the Icelandic pavilion with works by Gabriela Fridriksdˇttir, Bj÷rk and Daniel August. His Scandinavian origins are strongly influencing his style in the choice of solid woods and precise lines. In his table, the rectangular top is assembled with trapezoid table legs. It becomes a multipurpose piece of furniture in solid wooden boards, for private homes, officesů     Product description   Birgir Jˇhannsson Stics, 2004 Table for 6 persons Prototype Solid pear wood 190 x 90 x 72 cm Produced by Apruzzi & Apruzzi (It) For Alternance (B), 2005   Available in oak and walnut. Other woods on request.

Design of a new table in massif wood




Table en bois - Stics in Libre Belgique

published on 2007-09-25